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Dec 222014

1) SQL query to fetch first 50 rows from a Table.  SELECT   * FROM   employee WHERE   ROWNUM < 51; 2) SQL query to fetch 50 random rows from a Table  SELECT   * FROM   (SELECT   * FROM   employee ORDER BY   DBMS_RANDOM.VALUE) WHERE   ROWNUM < 51; 3) SQL Query to generate Serial/Sequence Number for a Table.  SELECT  

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Dec 162014

Solved 51 SQL Queries 37) SQL query to create a role and grant it to a user Create role <role_name>; //Create Role Grant create table, create view to <role_name>; // Grant privileges to role Grant <role_name> to <user_name1>, <user_name2>; // Grant Role to Users 38) SQL query to revoke select and insert privileges from a

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Dec 152014

Solved 51 SQL Queries 25) SQL query to get the first day of a month Select trunc(to_date(’30-Nov-2014′,’DD-MON-YYYY’),’month’)from dual; Output: 01-Nov-2014 26) SQL query to get the first day of a Year Select trunc(to_date(’30-Nov-2014′,’DD-MON-YYYY’),’Year’)from dual; Output: 01-Jan-2014 27) SQL query to spell a day Select To_char(to_date(’20-Nov-2014′,’DD-MON-YYYY’),’ddspth’)from dual; Output: twentieth [day 20 is spelled as twentieth] 28)

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Dec 112014

Solved 51 SQL Queries 13) SQL query to copy structure of a table Create table employee_new as select * from employee where 1>2; [Where”employee_new” is a copied table to “employee” table without any data] 14) SQL query using MERGE statement MERGE INTO bonuses D USING (SELECT employee_id, salary, department_id FROM employees WHERE department_id = 80)

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Dec 102014

Solved 51 SQL Queries 1) SQL query to create partition by range on a table create table product (product_id number, product_name varchar2(30), Manufactured_Date date) partition by range (Manufactured_Date) ( partition part1 values less than (TO_DATE(‘2013-01-01 00:00:00’, ‘YYYY-MM-DD HH24:MI:SS’)), partition part2 values less than (TO_DATE(‘2014-01-01 00:00:00’, ‘YYYY-MM-DD HH24:MI:SS’)) ); 2) SQL query to create database link

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