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Many people may be fond of photo editing, but all the time to use the computer for editing can be a bit awkward and tiring. Photo editing via Smartphone can be too easy. Before buying any Smartphone, users usually check out the camera. Powerful camera of any phone is one of its best features. After

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Aug 192014
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Many times it is seen that people apply for credit cards, but do not get credit cards. Often people get upset of not getting credit cards. Delay time is just normal, but sometimes it is delayed due to rejection of the application. Indeed, some important points need to consider before applying bank credit card. Let’s

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You can also purchase my ebook- Oracle Developer 2000 (D2K) from amazon. Question 1: What is Form Builder? Form builder is a component of Oracle Developer that is used to develop form based Applications for presenting and manipulating data. Question 2: What is a difference between Frame, Item and Block? Frame is used to arrange

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Google Analytics Reporting tool is very useful for getting detailed data of users hitting your website date wise, month wise or year wise. You can get all the required information of users such as Residential information Country or City, System or Mobile information such as browser, operating system, Service Provider or screen resolution, Number of

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Connecting to internet from laptop or PC is usually easy via your android phone. Simply you have to enable your android phone data connection, Wi-Fi Hotspot and Laptop or PC Wi-Fi connection. How to Enable Android Phone Wi-Fi Hotspot Go to your Android phone Settings and tap on Tethering & Portable Hotspot under Wireless & Networks

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Please introduce yourself? Tell us something about your family background? Why there is an education gap (if any)? Why there is an experience gap (if any)? What are your current roles and responsibilities? Explain your role in current project? What challenges you faced in your current project? What else you think you have learnt or

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It is often asked in interview to write a SQL query that displays months between two dates. Suppose we are given with start-date and end-date and to fetch all the months that exist between start-date and end-date need to be displayed. (Suppose Start Date=’11-JAN-2013’ and End Date=10-JAN-2014’) Query 1: To display date in format “MON-YY”

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Any BPO or Call Center conducts 4 to 6 rounds of interview. Round 1: Introduction Round – Group of candidates are called in this round. Introduction round is conducted by an Interviewer for each candidate. Introduction round means the brief summary of the candidate such as name, education, location belongs to, hobbies, family background and

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Aug 112014

  Zero is a number and a Space is a character. Character strings and date values are enclosed in single quotation marks. Character values are case sensitive and date values are format sensitive.  The default date format is DD-MON-RR. Oracle database stores date in a format: Century, year, month, day, hours, minutes and seconds.  An

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