Feb 112018

Friends, I am not a full time trader. I work in an IT organization and whenever I get some time in between, I prefer to do few intraday trades based on the technical charts and news. Here Intraday means buying and selling on the same day. I do not prefer positional calls.

For traders there are lots of different ways of taking trades, means: few traders’ trade only in options, in futures, in long term delivery, swing trading, commodities, currency, cash and carry, and some in intraday cash etc…

I always prefer taking trade in intraday cash. I am using Zerodha as my stock broker because they provide very good services, very low brokerage, user friendly GUI, rewards and recognitions, excellent charts and reporting tools etc.

To join Zerodha please click on below link:

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I follow strict Target and Stop loss i.e. whenever my trade get executed, immediately I put my stop loss and target at the same time. Moreover, in a day I trade in one or two intraday calls only. Whatever calls I trade I used to put it on my telegram channel “Technical Trading Tips”.

To join my telegram channel please click on below link:

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(Or) you can also search my channel by typing “TechnicalTradingTips”.

Please do join my channel, you will definitely found it worth watching.

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