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Many readers commented on my previous post of “Infosys Interview Process” and have shared their Interview experience with Infosys. With their comments and information provided, I am going to write one more post on Infosys through which I will share complete interview process of Infosys, beginning from the job application till rolling out the offer by Infosys. This post will be useful for both experienced candidates as well as freshers.

Infosys Interview Process


Apply Job for Infosys

When you apply for Infosys either online or through referral, Infosys generates a unique “Candidate ID” for you. All the conversations between you and Infosys are based on the Candidate ID only. Infosys have some pre-defined formats for their interview process that they communicate with candidates through mail.

Details Required Mail

When Infosys conduct walk-ins against open vacancies, they will send the “Details required” mail to all the eligible candidates for asking about : Current Location, Current Employer, Latest Contact Number, Total Experience, Key Technology on which you have been working, Preferred Job location, Educational details and your availability for  Interview on particular date and location. After you revert to this mail within few days you will be getting another mail for “Invitation to Interview”.

Invitation to Interview

After you replied to their fist mail with all the details, Infosys will send you the call letter for Interview subjected as “Invitation to Interview”. In this mail you will get the date, day, time, Venue address and contact person name for attending the interview.  You will also be asked to bring few mandatory documents along with you at the time of interview.

Technical and HR Round of Interview

For getting information related to Technical and HR interview read my previous post “Infosys Interview Process for Experienced Professionals”.

HR Feedback

After you complete both the rounds HR will tell you to wait for another 10-15 days for their feedback.  Normally candidates who didn’t face HR round (means who didn’t cleared the technical round) will be getting the regret letter from Infosys within 1 week post interview. And those who faced the HR round have to wait for atleast 2 weeks to get any feedback from HR. In between this period, HR person can contact you for any sort of clarification or verification if required.

Sometimes, due to bulk applications Infosys can even take up to 45 days to roll out the offer. So candidates need to keep patience in such scenario.

Offer Letter

Infosys send the soft copy of offer letter at your mail id provided at the time of interview. So check your mailbox regularly. Hard copy of offer letter is sent by post.

Mr. Bharath has shared his experience through this Blog

“HI Guys, I am back. I hope all are fine.


I am very glad to inform you that I got selected in Infosys and received the offer letter. Please find the below complete process that I have faced between interview and offer letter. Hope it will be useful for others.


Call Letter for Interview: 03-12-2014


Interview Date: 06-12-2014


Interview Process:


Started technical interview around 11:00 Am and ended 12:00 Pm. I have waited for next round (HR round no managerial for me). Around 02:00 PM, I had started my HR round and discussed about why I am changing, Expecting Package, Notice Period, Location details etc..,


After completing this round, HR informed me that I will be receiving the offer letter within 10-15 days if I am shortlisted.


After 15 days (December 21st, 2014) I sent mail to talent acquisition regarding my status they simply replied that it will take nearly 15 working days to complete the process.


Received Offer Letter:


On December 27th I received mail from HR and asked to share the pay slips, Bank statements etc., On January 2nd, 2015, I received offer letter and ready to join in Infosys.”

Note: The above information or any comments provided here is of my personal experience and is nothing related with any employee or HR team of Infosys. Readers can use this forum to share their personal experience, doubts clarification or as a discussion with other readers.

  11 Responses to “[Infosys] Infosys Interview Process”

  1. Hi Neeraj sir,

    I have attend interview on 10th of jan 2014 at shollinganallur campus.I have cleared Technical Round and went for HR Round,their discuss about salary,designation,joblocation.they ask me to wait for 1 week(Few approvals is required).on jan 12th got a mail from infosys regarding SAS Excel Form need to fill. I filedl my ssc,Inter,Graduation marks and send it.From that date to till now i haven’t recieve any mail from infosys.

    Sir is they any change to my offer on hold/Reject.Kindly suggest me.When my offer is trolled out

    • Dear Mastan,

      I think it is your mistake “10th of jan 2015″ (Hope it is not 2014). Same thing happens to me. 10th jan of 2015, i have attend interview at shollinganallur. 12th jan, they asked me to fill details in SAS. Later i sent email to infosys about notice period doubt. They simply replied as ” As per our timelines, we take upto 15 working days to finalize the results. Your candidature is under review and you will receive a mail with the final status within 3 weeks’ time. If you are selected, the DOJ will depend on the notice period that you stated in the application form.”

      So please wait till 30th jan 2015. Hope we will get offer letter 🙂

  2. Hi,

    I need your help guys
    Actually in application form I wrote I have never attended any Infosys drive before but in my college days around 3 years back I attached 1 and got rejected.

    And I gave different percentage in my resume and application form the difference in percentage is of max 1 % each

    These things will make any change ???

  3. Hi,

    I have attended interview on 8th July 2017. I have cleared Technical, Manager and HR rounds. HR said that they will update me within two weeks of time. On the same day evening i got SAS email from RECDOCS@infosys.com and i have replied to it 2 days later. When i investigated, One of my colleague said that HR will update verbally during interview itself (If we get selected). But the HR who took interview didnt update me that i am selected by means of any verbal communication. Does this mean i get rejected? Please suggest me. Thanks in advance.

  4. Hi Sir,

    I have attended interview on 1st July 2017. I have cleared Technical, Manager and HR rounds. HR said that confirmed to offer letter will issue by after two weeks. and i got SAS email from RECDOCS@infosys.com after five days, that time I filled the marks and send them.

    Before this email I have received one regret email form talentacquistion team and status shown rejected in infosys site on application area.

    Kindly advise any thing to wrong from side.


    • status showing rejected in infosys portal .What it means.Can i espect offerletter becuse i have completed technical and hr.pls reply me

  5. Wow I saw Infosys can take 45 days to roll out offer? I am a recruiter for Infosys and the process is a half hour phone interview and a one hour tech video interview. Counts as a Face 2 Face. Once we make a verbal offer I move a candidate into offer proposal in database and it triggers a process work flow for off shore team to work on offer. 2-3 days it usually takes to receive written offer via email. once accepted up to 7-1-0 days for background once BG cleared. Pick a Monday to ON BOARD at a Infosys Office where they have OB usually will have to fly but get reimbursed. Its one day then you are all set to take off in your new career.

    • Is this the same process for those who are not within the IT background? I had a verbal offer for Assoc. Consultant, with a focus in SD SAP Supply background. Thanks.

  6. Sir , I attended infosys on line test on 17.06.2018 at Sathyabama university, Chennai for system engineer . i did not get any result for more than 2 days. Will i get the result or not.?

    • I am also being referred for referral drive for system engineer post. Can you tell me when do i get email from infosys for the written test. Last date for referral was 10th august.

  7. I’m in my 4th week of waiting for the official offer letter. My last conversation was on September 6th with HR in regards to verbal offer. I was told I should expect the offer letter in writing soon and I haven’t heard anything of today, 10/2. I am an experience professional in the US, being hiring as an associate consultant. Anyone have any guidance?

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