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Infosys is one of the top most global IT organization in the field of Consulting, Technology and outsourcing solutions. Infosys has his global presence in almost 30 countries with around 160,000+ employees. Infosys has around 93 development centers and 73 sales and marketing offices. For more information please visit Infosys website.

Infosys Eligibility Criteria and Interview Process


Infosys Eligibility Criteria and Interview Process

Infosys is one of the dream company of almost every IT professional. Most of the candidates are not aware of the eligibility criteria for Infosys. When rejected they didn’t come to know about the reason for rejection of their application. So for better understanding one must be aware of these important eligibility criteria before applying for a job in Infosys:

  • The percentage marks throughout the education must be greater than or equal to 60%.
  • Candidates who wish to reapply can do so 9 months after their first application.
  • Never show any fake or wrong information related to education, experience, references or address proof because even if you cleared Infosys interview, your candidature can be rejected if any fake information is provided. Infosys conduct the background verification immediately after your interview process.

Lots of candidates are curious to know about how to apply for Infosys and what all the number of rounds is conducted during interview process. Both experienced and fresher’s candidate can apply online through Infosys job portal. Just sign up on the job portal and fill all the necessary details, then search for any opening position meeting your skill set within Job Search tab and apply for the same. Through job portal you can also check the status of your application as “In Process”, “Selected” or “Not Selected”. Anytime you can update your details but once the application get freezed, means all the fields got disabled then you won’t be able to change any information. So be sure, always enter the data in application with upto date information.

Mostly, Infosys conduct interview by proving an Invitation for an in-person discussion through mail. Date, day, time, venue address and contact person name is mentioned in the mail. Also the entire process can take 3 hours of approximately time. It is also clearly mentioned in the mail that “Candidates have to maintain a gap of at least 9 months between two successive selection processes with Infosys”.

Infosys mainly conduct two rounds of interview i.e. Technical and HR. For detail information visit Infosys Interview Process for Experienced Professionals blog. It is often asked by the candidates that how to know about the interview feedback or when can they expect the offer letter etc. So one thing I may clear here through my experience that Infosys never let you know about the feedback immediately after the interview. They normally take 2-3 weeks to roll out offer. If candidates rejected, they will get the regret mail and if selected they will directly get the offer letter through mail. So I suggest every candidate waiting for result to keep patience and wait for their mail in both cases.

One thing more that I noticed about Infosys is that they can negotiate for joining date or sometimes for location if some major concern but do not negotiate on package once offered. So, try to negotiate for everything during face to face HR interview. I hope this article will found great help for those entire aspiring candidates who wish to join Infosys.

Note: The above information or any comments provided here is of my personal experience and is nothing related with any employee or HR team of Infosys. Readers can use this forum to share their personal experience, doubts clarification or as a discussion with other readers.

  25 Responses to “Infosys Eligibility Criteria”

  1. i recent got a mail from seoffcampus asking for my 10 ,12th and graduation marks which is 64 and 62 and 66 marks respectively..

    but after few days i received another mail and an attachment of simple average calculation .but my 10 and 12 marks comes down to 58 percent . i have cleared my aptitude test . but my board calculates on the basis of best of 5 and best of 4.. will i attend the interview??
    am i still eligible for the job of system engineer???

    hoping for your reply 🙂
    please do reply soon

  2. Hi,

    I have attended the Interview with Inforsys on 13th June 2015. I have cleared my Technical interview and HR interview on the Same day, In HR interview i have discussed with CTC and location it went fine. After 2 days i got mail from infosys asking that to send acedemic percentages in excel sheet. Then i have sent all with clearly.

    My Acedemic percentages are

    10th : 64.1%
    12th : 68.5%
    UG : 58.76%
    PG : 67.84%

    After 5 days i got regret letter from infosys. So, then i dont know where it went wrong.

    Will it Be percentages is the reason for regretting my offer?

  3. Hi,

    My Academic percentages are

    10th : 64 %
    12th : 68.5%
    UG : 54.23%
    MCA : 64.9%

    and i have 2 years of experience in “software testing” i just want to know , Am i eligible for the interview

  4. Hi all,

    Is the percentage above 60 is mandatory for experienced professions also.

  5. Yes I think so it is mandatory for laterals as well, my resume was rejected multiple times just because of that.

  6. i have 2 year gap between intermediate and . Am i eligible. what is the gap criteria?

  7. The crieteria for Infosys is throughout greater than or equal to 60% na from 10 th – PG .Is it correct?

  8. i have 5.5 years of Experience in Software Testing and i dont have 60% percentage in academic ,So i just want to know, Am i eligible for the interview ?

  9. sir i have given infy 6 months i have registered again with infy.can you please tell me within how many days can i get call for infy online test.please help me out sir.thank you sir.

  10. Hi,

    I have 4+ years of exp in testing and i have given interview in bangalore on 31/10.
    I have cleared my tech and HR round. Problem is I dont have 60% in 10th and engineering.
    During HR round he was having my application form and SAS sheet as well. After looking at my percentages the HR didnt say anything, so I am hoping that percentage doesnt really matters for laterals.

    I am still not sure because I m still waiting for my offer letter

    • Hi Anjali,

      I am also have same problem, please let me know have you received offer letter.


    • Hi Anjali,

      Please let us know once you receive offer from Infosys.


    • Hi Anjali,

      I given interview on 19/12 b’lore n i have 5 years of experience. But i have only 58% in BE. The save happen to me that i got SAS sheet by my mail saying to fill n reply back with id proof on the same day. But still waiting for reply from them.
      One more then i filled only half of their online portal n now I can do change there bcos its saying ur profile is in process can’t change anything.

      If u get offer letter don’t forget to inform us.
      Cheers ! 🙂

  11. Hi Alok/ Anjali,

    You guys received offer letter?… Please let us know.


  12. Hi Anjali/Kumar,

    Did you guys get the offer letter. please let us know.


  13. hello guys,

    i have given interviw at infosys on 24 september 2016 , my technical was good , infact very good. after that i called for HR round. where she gave me all the details about the job profile. and based on my profile she offered me SSE with the package 4.84 lpa. she called me that they will get me back in 8 working days. and on the same days i got mail to fiil scholastic average sheet . i filled all those things and sent. i do have first class in my all years except second year engineering where i have 58%. but my average of four years is 62.33%.

    i heard that 60 % is must in all year to get selected. so my 58% of second year will going to affect my entry to infy.

  14. For experience candidate, does Infosys do background verification like percentage in academic and year gap ? i mean does it check with school/college or it ask to submit the original certificate ?
    How does it do cross verify your data ?

  15. Hi,
    So after sending the documents also there is a chance of getting rejected?

  16. If I am haing an issues and I have location constraints then when I ask for my suitable location ? During Face to Face HR round or after getting the offer letter then only ?

    Please provide me some visibility on this.

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