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Google AdSense

Google AdSense is run by Google and is a key source of generating revenue. Google AdSense is free and an easy way for website publishers to earn money by displaying Google Ads on their websites. Google AdSense itself contains many useful features such as: Customization and Control, Easily accessible support, Access to all sort of Google Ads, Inbuilt performance tool, Reporting and many other additional features.

Google AdSense Approval

Now the question is how to get Google AdSense approval from Google for your website. Here I will share my personal experience of getting Google AdSense approval within 40 days.

I started writing blogs in 2013 using blogger account. After I wrote almost 70 articles, I applied for Google AdSense and got my application rejected. Didn’t realized what mistakes I did. So after several rejections I thought of going for WordPress and purchasing my own domain and hosting. I purchased my own domain and hosting in July 2014 and imported only two critical posts that has some good traffic from blogger to WordPress and started writing posts thereafter from the beginning.

I had gone through many articles on Google for getting AdSense approval. After implementing all those points to my website I applied for Google AdSense. Just within 40 days it get approved.

Here I will discuss all those points that I implemented for my website.

Follow following points for AdSense Approval

1) Get your own registered domain name and hosting. (Select suitable domain name that itself describe about your website)

2) Use WordPress, Joomla or any other CMS (Content Management System).

3) Give suitable Title to your website. Must not be a long title.

4) Select simple and suitable Theme

5) It is better if your website is opening with www as prefix and if not then check it with your Hosting provider.

6) Don’t ask readers to scroll the website, instead add Paging concept to your website.

7) Categorized the posts if writing on different topics.

8) Publish two mandatory pages as below

Author Page: Tell about yourself, aim or goal of your website.

Contact page: Create page for readers to contact you.

9) Publish at least 40 posts with minimum 300 words each.

10) Publish atleast one post daily.

11) Give meaningful Title, Description, Keywords and Tags to your post.

12) Don’t make grammatical mistakes.

13) Write Post in paragraphs.

14) Don’t copy and paste content from other websites, try to write it in your own.

15) Don’t add too many pictures, images or videos within the posts.

16) Don’t write fake or adult content.

17) Submit your website to top search engines like Google, Bing, ASR etc. Multiple websites are available on Google that can help you in sending the request.

18) Verify your website with Google Webmaster Tool and Google Analytics.

19) Add “Sitemap.xml” and “Robots.txt” to your website.

20) Optimize your website. You can go for Google Webmaster Tool and can check error detail related to your website. Rectify the errors if any before sending the request to Google Adsense.

21)  After applying the request to Google Adsense, Place the initial Google Ad to the post getting maximum hits.

What’s not required at initial stage for Google AdSense Approval

1) Logo of your website

2) Alexa ranking

3) Social network links like Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter etc.

4) Account with Bing webmaster tool.

5) Hundreds of impressions

This is what I did to get Google Adsense approval for my website in 40 days. Hope this article will help you too.

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