Sep 102014

Top 51 Questions for Oracle Reports that are frequently asked in Interview.

  1. What is Oracle Developer?
  2. What is a Report Builder?
  3. What are the various styles used in the Reports?
  4. What is GUI?
  5. What are the different Report Builder Components?
  6. What is a difference between Object Navigator and property Palette?
  7. What is a Syntax Palette?
  8. What are the different ways of viewing the Report output?
  9. Can Report output to multiple destinations?
  10. What is a difference between Screen view and Preview?
  11. What are the different types of Report Builder Modules?
  12. Explain different types of Report Builder Views?
  13. What is difference between Data Model and Layout Model?
  14. Explain Report builder objects?
  15. What are the different styles of breaking the reports?
  16. Name three different templates options in report builder?
  17. What are the different ways to store Report builder module?
  18. Where can you store Template module?
  19. Explain different extensions of Reports?
  20. Give any one reason of saving the report builder module in the database?
  21. How can you convert your report definitions from one storage type to another?
  22. How many query and group do Tabular style, Group above and Group left prepares?
  23. How can you delete a database column from the group?
  24. Do Report wizard supports page summaries?
  25. What is the minimum number of groups in Matrix Report?
  26. Name the three sections of Layout model?
  27. What is a difference between Confine and Flex mode?
  28. What is an Anchor?
  29. What are the advantages of using Button on Reports?
  30. What is Conditional Formatting?
  31. Name different types of columns used in report builder?
  32. What is a difference between Data and Formula column?
  33. What is a difference between Summary and Placeholder column?
  34. How many types of Report Builder Triggers are there?
  35. What is a difference between Before and After parameter form triggers?
  36. What is a difference between Before and After report triggers?
  37. What is the use of Between Pages trigger?
  38. What is a Format Trigger? Explain in brief?
  39. What are Lexical Parameters?
  40. What is difference between Vertical and Horizontal Elasticity?
  41. What is difference between Page Break Before and page Break After?
  42. What is Page Protect in Oracle Reports?
  43. What are the parameters of RUN_PRODUCT Procedure in Oracle Reports?
  44. What we use SRW Package in Oracle Reports?
  45. What is difference between Live Previewer and Runtime Preview?
  46. Explain System Parameters of Oracle Reports in detail?
  47. How can you create Additional Report Layout in Oracle Reports?
  48. What is a difference between Frame and Repeating Frame in layout model object?
  49. What are Boilerplates in Oracle reports?
  50. What is the role of Data link object in Data Model?
  51. How many types of parameter objects are there in Oracle reports?

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