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Feb 262017
Let's Break up the Stress: Positive Thinking: Feel the Power and Achieve the Impossible: Inspirational, Motivational & Moral Short Stories

Stress is an ever present in today’s madcap and hectic world. It can arrive in a whirlwind, or creep up on us unexpectedly. But however it arrives you can be sure that it brings a set of challenges with it. Now you can feel the power and achieve the impossible with Let’s Break up the

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Aug 142015

In order to fix EPUB Check Errors there is a method that can be run in Microsoft Word to clear out formatting problems, using the replace function.  In all steps EXCEPT #4, replace all until 0 changes are made. Remove spaces before and after paragraph returns.  In the Find area, type “^p ” (a paragraph

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Feb 242015
5 Ways to Make Your Workplace Stress-Free

Rising levels of stress are a common concern for employees in every industry sector. Let looks at the ways organizations can make the workplace stress-free. Have the Basics in Place Getting the basics in place is the most crucial way in which an organization can keep the workplace stress-free. This includes, “making sure job designs,

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Dec 242014
Map Table of Contents with Pages in Microsoft Word Document

While preparing any document in Microsoft word we prepare table of contents to provide brief idea to the readers about the information provided in that document.But sometimes we missed the relationship between table of content and actual pages.Relationship here means redirecting to actual page when clicking on the topic in the table of content. Follow

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Nov 172014
Easy Way to Detect USB Flash Drive in Windows

Sometimes laptop or desktop USB ports stop detecting your USB devices like pen drives, dongles etc. This is because your USB ports have been disabled. The usual solution to this problem is to manually re-enable the USB ports by altering the properties of the relevant registry keys. Follow following few steps to enable your USB

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Nov 042014
Recall and Replace an Email Message in Microsoft Office Outlook

Many times at work we usually send incorrect or incomplete emails without attachment through Microsoft office outlook to our colleagues or higher level management. It feels ashamed like by writing the text “Sorry, Please ignore my mail”. Instead, Microsoft Office Outlook has an inbuilt feature to “Recall and replace a message” or just “Recall a

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Oct 302014
Loading DAT Files through SQL Loader Using TOAD

In order to import DAT file into Oracle table through TOAD follow following steps: Step1: Create Table “Employee” as below: CREATE TABLE EMPLOYEE (   EMPNAME  VARCHAR2(100 BYTE),   SALARY   NUMBER ); Step 2: Create one DAT file with name “Insert_Employee_Data.dat” containing data of Employee table for insertion and save it in D:\ drive as

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Sep 082014

If you want to attend any interview then it is sure that you are going to face HR Interview at very first or last stage. Without clearing the HR interview you are not going to get any offer even you feel strong enough technically in your area or skills set. HR interview is not too

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Sep 022014
Important Privacy facts for WhatsApp Android Users

Whatsapp is a messenger used to exchange free messages with your friends and family. Whatsapp is supported by iPhone, Windows phone, BlackBerry, Nokia, Android and Yes. Internet data plan is required to run the application. Users can create groups and can send unlimited images, video and audio messages through Whatsapp. As, with increasing demand of

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Aug 252014
Notepad++ the Editing Tool for Developers

Notepad++ is a free source code editor and supports editing to several languages with color coding syntax formatting. Notepad++ is truly useful for developers. Notepad++ comes with lot of features like: Support multi-tab interface. Easily Drag-Drop option. Zoom–In and Zoom-Out Fold and Unfold code lines Supporting Multi-Language Coding style. Spell checker. Find and Replace option

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