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Oct 302014
Loading DAT Files through SQL Loader Using TOAD

In order to import DAT file into Oracle table through TOAD follow following steps: Step1: Create Table “Employee” as below: CREATE TABLE EMPLOYEE (   EMPNAME  VARCHAR2(100 BYTE),   SALARY   NUMBER ); Step 2: Create one DAT file with name “Insert_Employee_Data.dat” containing data of Employee table for insertion and save it in D:\ drive as

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Aug 282014

TOAD is a tool for managing, executing Oracle schema objects and to perform various DBA related tasks. TOAD contains variety of database options that is required for any database developer or administrator. In this article we will learn how to create table from one schema to another schema, and to copy the data from one

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Aug 252014
Notepad++ the Editing Tool for Developers

Notepad++ is a free source code editor and supports editing to several languages with color coding syntax formatting. Notepad++ is truly useful for developers. Notepad++ comes with lot of features like: Support multi-tab interface. Easily Drag-Drop option. Zoom–In and Zoom-Out Fold and Unfold code lines Supporting Multi-Language Coding style. Spell checker. Find and Replace option

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