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Built-in Subprogram is divided into two categories: Restricted Built-in Subprograms Unrestricted Built-in Subprograms Restricted Built-In Subprograms: Restricted built-in affects navigation in your form either external screen navigation or internal navigation. You can call these built-ins only from triggers where no internal navigation is occurring. Restricted built-ins cannot be called from the Pre and Post triggers

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Input Items are those items that accepts user Input. Input items enables insert, update, delete or query an item process. Types of Input Items: Check Box: Check Box is a two-state interface object that indicates whether a certain value is Checked or unchecked. Trigger associated with check box is WHEN-CKECKBOX-CHANGED. WHEN-CHECKBOX-CHANGED: This Trigger fires whenever

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Oracle Forms Object Group Object Group is used to package related Form Builder objects so that they can be copied or used in another module. For Example: You might build an appointment scheduler in a form and then decide to make it available from other forms in your applications. The scheduler would probably be built

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Triggers are blocks of PL/SQL code that is written to perform some specific tasks. Trigger is a program unit that is executed or fired due to an event. Triggers can be fired for events such as: Query-related events During validation or navigation events For error or messages During Post or Commit process etc. Trigger consists

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Messages in Oracle Forms Messages and Alerts are the form of communication between the application and the User. Types of Messages: Informative message Error message Working message Application message Informative Message informs the user about the current state of processing. Example: Last value retrieved Press [Accept] to enter answer. Informative messages can be suppressed with

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Canvas is a surface inside a window on which visual objects can be placed. A canvas is assigned to a window. Each item in a form must refer to not more than one canvas. Types of Canvases: Content Canvas Stacked Canvas Toolbar Canvas Vertical Toolbar Horizontal toolbar Tab Canvas Content Canvas is a base canvas

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The main difference between OPEN_FORM, CALL_FORM and NEW_FORM Built-ins in Oracle Forms is: OPEN_FORM: OPEN_FORM opens another form in a modeless window. The user can work on multiple forms concurrently. The user can navigate within multiple forms. With the OPEN_FORM the user can call another form in a different database session. Syntax: OPEN_FORM (‘form_name’, active_mode, session_mode,

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You can also purchase my ebook- Oracle Developer 2000 (D2K) from amazon. Question 1: What is Form Builder? Form builder is a component of Oracle Developer that is used to develop form based Applications for presenting and manipulating data. Question 2: What is a difference between Frame, Item and Block? Frame is used to arrange

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