Microsoft Word

Aug 142015

In order to fix EPUB Check Errors there is a method that can be run in Microsoft Word to clear out formatting problems, using the replace function.  In all steps EXCEPT #4, replace all until 0 changes are made. Remove spaces before and after paragraph returns.  In the Find area, type “^p ” (a paragraph

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Jan 232015
How to Create Table of Contents in Microsoft Word

Table of Contents (TOC) is the organized list of all the parts of document in the order it appears. TOC will help the readers to get the idea about the topics included in the document and also helps to redirect to the particular topic and page. Microsoft Word has an inbuilt feature for creating table

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Dec 242014
Map Table of Contents with Pages in Microsoft Word Document

While preparing any document in Microsoft word we prepare table of contents to provide brief idea to the readers about the information provided in that document.But sometimes we missed the relationship between table of content and actual pages.Relationship here means redirecting to actual page when clicking on the topic in the table of content. Follow

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Dec 012014
Remove Table and Keep the Text in Microsoft Word

Many times in Microsoft Word document it is required to remove the table that you have created without deleting the text. Ordinary you do so by coping and pasting the text out of the table. The task consumes time if there is more number of rows and columns in a table. The easiest way is

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