Jan 092015
How to Create Free Sticky Notes for Your WordPress Site Using HelloBar

Sticky note on your website helps to show the right message at the right time to your website visitors. This will improve the effectiveness of your website. You can create free sticky notes using HelloBar Configuration. HelloBar Configuration Step 1: Sign up on HelloBar Website by providing your website URL. Step 2: After creating your

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Jan 072015
Create Archives Page for Your WordPress Site

Archives plugin installed on your WordPress Site helps reader to review your site Contents i.e. Tag Cloud, Last written posts (You can specify the number of latest posts to be displayed from the settings page of this plugin in the Dashboard), Categories and Monthly Archives on a single page in an organized manner. How to

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Jan 022015
[Alexa Rank] How to Display Global and Country Specific Ranks for Your Site Using Alexa

About Alexa and How they Work Alexa is an company that provides rank to the websites based on the Alexa’s traffic estimates. Alexa estimates the traffic based on the data from their global traffic panel. In addition, they gather data from direct sources in the form of sites that have chosen to install the

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Dec 312014
Block Unwanted Google Adsense Ads from Appearing on Your Site

When some ads performs bad and generates less revenue, then it’s better to block that advertiser’s URL. Google Adsense dashboard have the inbuilt feature of blocking unwanted advertiser URL’s. You just have to save the unwanted advertiser’s URL in your list. Post saving, your website won’t be showing any related ads from that advertiser in

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Dec 172014
How to Show Scrollbar within Twitter Timeline (Jetpack) Widget

Twitter Timeline (Jetpack) Widget Twitter Timeline is a widget that displays latest tweets from your Twitter account within a sidebar on your theme. It’s an easy way to add more activity to your site and you can customize it with various options. You can setup a Twitter Timeline Widget by following steps: Go to Appearance

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Sep 252014

Google AdSense Google AdSense is run by Google and is a key source of generating revenue. Google AdSense is free and an easy way for website publishers to earn money by displaying Google Ads on their websites. Google AdSense itself contains many useful features such as: Customization and Control, Easily accessible support, Access to all

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Sep 182014
Adding Google Adsense Code within WordPress Posts

After you create a website in WordPress or any other CMS blogging tool the next step you look for is adding Google Adsense to your website. Adding Google Adsense is somewhat very important and key factor for earning revenue from your website. Before applying a Google Adsense to your website you first need to have

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Aug 182014

Google Analytics Reporting tool is very useful for getting detailed data of users hitting your website date wise, month wise or year wise. You can get all the required information of users such as Residential information Country or City, System or Mobile information such as browser, operating system, Service Provider or screen resolution, Number of

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Aug 092014

One often faces this problem if purchased the domain and hosting from two different sites. Suppose you have purchased a domain “” and hosted on some web hosting site. When you try to open your website you found that your website is opened with URL:”” but not as “ “. In that case please

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Aug 042014

It is necessary for a WordPress blogger to install Google Analytics plugin for tracking traffic statistics. This is a service offered by Google to get detailed statistics of the users reaching your website date-wise, post-wise, country-wise etc. This information inspires the blogger to write more and accurate content. After installing Google Analytics plugin, the user

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