Mar 272013

Barclays Capital conducts 4-6 rounds for experienced professionals:

Barclays Capital

Barclays Capital

Round1: Online test consisting of 40 questions of multi-choice answer. Total duration to complete the test is one hour. Try to answer 2 choices out of 4 or 5 choices.

Round2: Technical Round of 30 minutes. All the questions will be related to your skill sets. Try to give straight-forward answers. (Not too difficult).

Round3: Managerial Round (Stakeholder Round) of 30-45 minutes. General questioning related to your job profile, your roles and responsibilities, your hobbies, Strength and weaknesses have been asked. Main focus and aim of this round is to check your communication skills, your confidence level and way you respond the answers.

Round4: Technical Round of 30 minutes again. Some more questions related to the Skills set/Projects you shown in your resume are asked.

Round5: Process Manager’s/Stakeholder Round. More focus is on the way you implement the projects. The challenges you faced for your current projects. Yours current role and responsibilities in the organization etc. (Be very confident answering the questions because this is very critical round).

Round6: HR Round. Just the normal round means the salary expectations, notice period etc things are discussed here. Be prepared for this round too.

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