Feb 042018

In order to select the BTST (Buy Today Sell Tomorrow) stocks please follow below guidelines:

  1. After 3:20 PM i.e. just 10 minutes before market hours closing login to “economictimes.indiatimes.com” by clicking below URL.


  1. After login to “economictimes.indiatimes.com” click on the icon “MARKET STATS” as shown below:
Market Stats

Market Stats

  1. The default page that will open after clicking the “MARKET STATS” will be of “Top Gainers” as shown below. Means all those stock that rises on the present day from previously closed day.
Top Gainers

Top Gainers


  • LTP is the last trading price of that stock,
  • Change means the rise in price value,
  • % Change means the % rise in price value from previous day closed,
  • Vol (‘000) means volume in thousands i.e. number of quantities traded for that stock. This includes both Buy and Sell quantities,
  • Day’s low/High means the low and high value of the stock hit on that particular day.
  1. Rules to select the BTST stock:
  • Rule Number 1: Do not select NIFTY 50 or NIFTY 200 Index stocks. As 90% of traders are Intraday traders as they get lot of margins from their brokerage houses. We need to select those stocks that are mainly delivery based stocks where full margin is required for trading.
  • Rule Number 2: The LTP value of the stock should be more than 100 and less than 1000.
  • Rule Number 3: The %change value should be more than 15% and less than 20%
  • Rule Number 4: Volumes should be on higher side i.e. at least more than 4.0 lakhs.
  • Rule Number 5: The number of buyers to seller ratio should be in the ratio of at least 60:40 i.e. number of buyers should be on higher side. Means if number of quantities traded is 1 lakhs then number of buying quantities should be greater than 60 thousands and number of selling quantities should be less than 40 thousands. This will indicate that mostly buyers are there in the market for that stock due to some positive news.
  • Rule Number 6: While buying the stock the LTP value of the stock should be greater than its Average Traded Price (ATP) of that stock.

Please do not select a stock for BTST if any of above rule does not meet the requirement of the selected stock.


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